- Russell Cavender -

“The Snake Chaser”

Russell Cavender, better known as “The Snake Chaser,” has always had a love and fascination for animals and wildlife. At the age of three, he caught his first snake, and at the age of seven caught his first venomous snake!

Russ can always be found helping orphaned animals. He also takes part in bird and wildlife conservatory groups.

Today, you’ll find Russ doing what he loves as a Nuisance Wildlife Control Specialist along the Grand Strand. Since 1993, catching snakes and wrestling alligators is all in a day’s work for The Snake Chaser! Along with snakes and reptiles, Russ also specializes in the control of hornets, yellow jackets, pigeons, raccoons, opossums, moles, bats, feral cats, bobcats, and squirrels to name a few.

When Russ was asked to talk about one of his most memorable service calls, he fondly remembered the "Rooster" call. He explains, " My favorite service call ever occurred in the mid to late 90’s. I received a call from a somewhat elderly gentleman, who proceeded to tell me that he had a rooster trapped in his attic. I was a bit skeptical, and I gave a little laugh and said “yeah, and your refrigerator’s running too… Ha-Ha…” He passed the phone to his wife, and she began to tell me the details of their situation.

It began when they heard this rooster crowing in their attic about a week before they called me. They told me other people had heard it also, including a few of their neighbors and their daughter who was a vet. They would hear this rooster crow at around noon every single day. So, the lady asked me to come, and she was willing to pay me to crawl through her attic to remove a rooster, which by all accounts should have died from starvation by that time. She said that I should be there by 11:30 am, so I would hear the rooster crow at noon.

The next day I arrived at their home at 11:30, and I introduced myself and began to walk around the house, wondering how this whole situation could even be possible. I noticed that the attic stairs had been lowered. And, this, I assumed, would let this poor hungry rooster free. After a general inspection of this home indicated to me that a tick would have a hard time getting in this house, this would have to be some magic fowl! They invited me in, and they commenced to tell me in more detail what was happing--- they would be in one room and hear it in the kitchen… they would hurry to hear it better, but it the crowing would never last long enough to pinpoint it’s location. If they would be on the phone talking, the person on the other line could hear it also, but it only would last a short while.

As noon approached, we all sat down at their dining room table anxiously waiting for the rooster to crow, simply chatting about this and that. (Of course in my mind, I must have gone through every possibility… Were these people nuts? Could someone have placed a rooster up there with enough water and food to last this long?) Then, all of the sudden, came this noise! And, yes, sure enough it was a rooster crowing! The old man stood up and started pointing straight towards the ceiling and said “you hear that, it’s coming from above us!” As he pointed up, I noticed that his watch was flashing...on the face of the watch, flashing on and off along with its “crowing,” was that rooster! It was the very rooster that had been driving these two people crazy for the last 8 or 9 days! When I pointed to his wrist and told him this, he looked at his watch, looked at me, and just shook his head. His wife said urgently, “what is it, what is it?” When he placed the watch to her ear, her eyes just rolled, and she said words that I did not expect to hear! I smiled, they smiled, and then we laughed. It turns out that the wife had purchased some pillows through TV or a magazine someplace, and with her purchase, she received a free watch--- a rooster alarm watch! This watch was preset to “cockadoodledoo” every day at noon! The reason they would hear the crowing coming from the kitchen was because he’d been washing the dishes and took his brand new watch off, and he placed it on the counter so it wouldn’t get wet!

As she was paying me for all my hard work, (back then it was $ 40), she said that was the best $40 she had ever spent! I told her that I would tell their story as many times as I possibly could! And, I have. I have a lot of stories to tell, but this is my most favorite.

Russell Cavender, "The Snake Chaser"


Mrs. Owl


Mr. Pig


Mr. Turtle


Mrs. Raccoon


Nuisance wildlife of all kinds can cause serious damage to property by chewing, defecating, building nests, and other activities. If you are experiencing any type of problematic situation arising from the animals listed here or with others that are not listed, contact The Snake Chaser today for questions and solutions to your problems.

  • Dolores E.

    Thoroughly recommend the Snake Chaser! The guy that came out was very helpful in removing a baby raccoon that somehow got stuck between my stairs and a pole. He did a great job, and was very friendly, even taking the raccoon out out of the cage and giving the kids a mini lesson. Reasonable priced as well.

    Dolores E.
    5 Star Google Review
  • RTWC (Roman's Travel with Care)

    I called them about a possible copperhead in my backyard they came out within 30 minutes and removed it, it was a copperhead! They are extremely nice and professional with lots of knowledge. So grateful for them in helping keep me and my dogs safe! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

    RTWC (Roman's Travel with Care)
    5 Star Google Review
  • Michael L.

    We had around 80 bats seeking shelter in our attic and siding at our Surfsdie Beach house. Russell came out the day we called, and explained the process of removing bats, as well as following the law to protect young bats inside the attic. He told us his price and his guarantee. Nets were hung, bats were permitted to leave, and the house was sealed. We have not seen bats since. I highly recommend The Snake Chaser. Russell and his employees are very good, honest, and trustworthy.

    Michael L.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Jackie N.

    We used the Snake Chaser 3 times between 2017-2022 to perform bat exclusions on several beach houses we owned (as vacation rental properties). Russell was always professional and responsive. He also patiently answered questions and was willing to talk to guests to allay their fears about staying in a home with bats. It's quite unnerving to learn you have bats in a vacation rental but Russell walks you through the entire bat exclusion process, holds your hand throughout and then gets the job done of ridding the bats from your home. Highly recommend him and his team!

    Jackie N.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Lorraine K.

    I was so impressed by Leigh and Steve. They were very thorough and made sure the moles were gone with regular follow ups. The week before my contract expired, I saw a small area of mole tracks. They came right out to take care of it! I wish we had more people like Leigh and Steve that takes pride in their work. I highly recommend Snake Chaser because of them!

    Lorraine K.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Bonnie S.

    I contacted Russel to provide snake deterrent services in my backyard. He responded promptly, and provided services within 24 hours. Russell was very professional, thorough and provided me with useful information.

    Bonnie S.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Ashley C.

    Russell is the most caring rescue guy I've ever met. If you are in need of animal rescue services, definitely contact the Snake Chaser! They'll get the job done and they have the utmost respect for the animals they come into contact with.

    Ashley C.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Sue T.

    Russ is the local expert when it comes to wildlife and how to remove them safely. I highly recommend them

    Sue T.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Carolyn D.

    My nuisance possum was gone hours after calling. The animal was in my vent system and chewing under the house. It scared me and my children. It is gone now and I cannot be more thankful. My son slept in his bedroom for the 1st time in weeks and I slept threw the night. It doesn't seem like a big deal but it was an intruder and scary for us. Thank you Tyler!

    Carolyn D.
    5 Star Google Review
  • Natalie R. REALTOR

    We have the monthly spray for snakes. Went from having snake sightings multiple times a week to 2 in three years.

    We appreciate this service so much!

    Natalie R. REALTOR
    5 Star Google Review