Alligator Removal in Myrtle Beach and Surrounding Areas

Adult American Alligators have broad, round snouts, are anywhere from 6-15 feet in length, and have an overall blackish color. Alligators live in fresh water, in river swamps, bayous and marshes of the gulf and Coastal Plains states, from North Carolina to Texas, and in Florida.

How to spot them…

You may spot an alligator basking out of the water. Also, watch for eyes, heads, and snouts above the surface in common gator holes. You should beware of females guarding their nests, which are mounds of plant matter up to seven feet across and three feet high. When the eggs hatch, the female alligator will gently carry the hatchlings in her mouth to the water. Do not ever approach an alligator nest!

What do they sound like?

The voice of the male alligator is a throaty, bellowing roar, and can be heard from relatively far away. The female can roar too, and she grunts like a pig when calling her young. Alligators of all sizes hiss.

Are Alligators aggressive?

Alligators are not as aggressive as most people think. Generally, they will not attack humans unless a nest is threatened, or they are provoked. In this area, we have the potential to see alligators almost everywhere we see water, including residential neighborhoods and other public places. As we encroach on the natural habitats of these creatures, we have started to see them in places where “they don’t belong.” Warning: You should never feed alligators!

If you spot an alligator in a place where one probably should not be, call The Snake Chaser, your professional nuisance reptile and wildlife removal and management service.