Bird Nuisance Removal Myrtle Beach- Pigeons & Starlings

Occasionally, birds can become problematic for residents and business owners. Highlighted in this section are pigeons and starlings. If you have problems with any type of animal situation, let The Snake Chaser help. The Snake Chaser will remove pigeons, as it is the most effective solution for problematic pigeons, but he will also provide other long-term solutions to pigeon problems, such as repairs and deterrents. Attic and soffit vents must be properly screened to keep nesting pigeons and other birds and animals out of your house or building.

To deter pigeons from loitering on railings wire barrier may be used to throw the birds will be off balance when they attempt to perch. You can also discourage them from roosting on flat surfaces like ledges by using boards or sheet metal to create a 45-degree or greater slope. Excessive and regular feeding of pigeons with bread, table scraps and even birdseed supports their increasing numbers. An important part of controlling pigeon populations is to limit the amount of feeding by humans. Ask The Snake Chaser about ways to humanely deter a pigeon problem in or near your home or business


are frequently considered pests because of the damage they cause, especially to agriculture. They are black, light-speckled, robin-size birds with a chunky, meadowlark shape. Starlings eat fruits and seeds of both wild and cultivated varieties, as well as insects, like grubs in lawns or pastures. Starlings also eat livestock rations and food found in garbage during the winter.

At livestock facilities, starlings consume feed and contaminate the feed and water with their droppings. Where high protein supplements are added to feeds such as cattle feeds, starlings may selectively eat the high-protein portion.

Starlings may also transfer disease among livestock facilities. They cause other agricultural damage by eating cultivated fruits such as grapes and cherries. In some areas they pull sprouting wheat and other grains and eat the planted seed. Starling roosts in rural and urban sites cause health, filth, noise, and odor problems. Their droppings damage and deface equipment and vehicles. In addition, starlings compete for nest sites with native hole-nesting birds such as blue-birds, flickers, woodpeckers, and purple martins. They can be found in dryer and exhaust vents as well as porches and balconies.

Nuisance wildlife of all kinds can cause serious damage to property by chewing, defecating, building nests, and other activities. If you are experiencing any type of problematic situation arising from the animals listed here or with others that are not listed, contact The Snake Chaser today for questions and solutions to your problems.